15 GENIUS HACKS Система трубопроводов! | GOT2LEARN

15 GENIUS HACKS Система трубопроводов! | GOT2LEARN

Опять лажа! “Элитное производство” – хорошая сантехника купить и 15 GENIUS Plumbing HACKS! | GOT2LEARN. Видео крайне интересно!

Вот лучшая подборка сантехнических трюков в сети. Эти трюки хороши для мастеров-строителей и бытовых / коммерческих сантехников.
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Материал, который я использовал в этом видео:

2000 грит влажной или сухой наждачной бумагой:
Комплект кольцевой пилы Милуоки (28 частей):
Кнопка горения факела MagTorch:
Пищевые красители для туалетного теста:
Плоскогубцы для фиксации канала 8 каналов:
3/8 "обратный клапан для свиней:
1/2 "компрессионный клапан:
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  1. the alternative to using sand paper in your toilet would be remove most of water from bowl then dump a bunch of vinegar in toilet and let it sit for a while (in extreme cases overnight) you can use wet rags to it reach the areas not sitting in vinegar … doing this will remove any kind of stain/scale or stuff from not cleaning regularly

  2. Great tips and techniques. I've learned the hard way to never use sandpaper on porcelain. Eventually the scratches will show, and the scale will build up faster on those tiny scratches. Use white vinegar instead.

  3. So if you cut the all thread and you can't get the nut on you said to put the nut back on and then cut it. But do you didn't say how to put the nut back on you have to put it on from the other end but you didn't explain that

  4. Don’t sandpaper the toilet bowl. Stick some TP to the mineral ring, then spray it with vinegar. Vinegar breaks the minerals down (just like the clogged shower head), the TP keeps the vinegar from running down the bowl.

  5. Tip #16:
    If you can't find a baby sitter, and need to go to work……..solder your kids to the wall. When you return, use one of the other hacks mentioned to free them.

  6. I enjoyed your video and learned a few tips that I was unaware of. Thanks for posting. I was a little disappointed that you didn't add the one hack I was looking for. That being how to tighten the nut under the sink when replacing the faucet without buying the special tool needed for it. Could you please let me know if you know of a way to do it. Thanks

  7. no, its called a scrub pad they sell them in the cleaning isle lol and its called "hard" water not harsh. and the L in soldering is silent pronounced "sodder"

  8. Man , you have the highest ratio of valuable information per minute of any YouTube videos I've seen. Subscribed!
    I may have to re-watch these every once in a while to keep these tips in mind when the need arises.

  9. You can also taper the end of the all thread with a grinder. You can use a wad of bread to stop water flow for soldering. There is a tool called Jet-sweat for that purpose. Everything else is fairly useful

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